Homa (Χωμα- chó̱ma) in Greek means the earthy soil.

It has been the inspiration and key architectural element of these luxury villas. Mold studio of Iliana Kerestetzi have won already 5 local awards and 2 international nominations for the Homa project. Awards

These villas for rent are located in the valley of the village of Vagia in the south part of the Greek island Serifos.

Outdoors the earthy beige industrial floor and plastered walls in the color of the Vagia sand set the color palette. Huge rocks protruding from the walls blend magnificently with the barren natural setting. Indoors and overall the zen of elite minimalism and an earthy tint prevail as the wild surroundings embrace the construction. The embrace of nature to our souls. Our home. Homa.

Here, time goes by slowly. The light changes and reveals breathtaking sunsets and unprecedented color reflections between the earth, sky, and the sea.

Three two-bedrooms villas for rent in Vagia of 59-71 sqm, each with a pool (6.5x4.3m) can be yours during summer season.

Just 8kms off the port of Serifos, Homa luxury villas are on direct view to and just 380m (4 mins walk) from the awarded beach of Vagia.

  Enjoy in style the sun, the pool or the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Homa plan

All villas face southwest and are protected from the prevailing meltemi summer wind. All terraces have breathtaking sea view and sunset view.

Villas 1 and 2 are adjacent and located in the upper level of the complex whereas Villa 3 is at the lower level. All villas have a slightly diferent orientation to secure visibilty privacy.

A big front sea-view terrace, a bamboo shaded patio and a small back yard (villas 1&2) or a second bamboo roof (villa3), secure you ll enjoy your stay all day long.