Serifos and Vagia info


is one of the prettiest and still unspoiled islands of the Aegean full of sun and wind and many crystal blue sandy beaches, barren rocky scenery, a truly picturesque capital, a range of night life activities but all at peaceful levels of tourism since it has traditionally been a family island.
Serifos is the first stop from Pireus just 2.15 hrs trip with the fast ferry. The island resists to evolution keeping its very lively yet secluded atmosphere.


is in the top 2 sandy beaches of Serifos. The beach of Vagia is located on the south coast at the entrance to the bay of Koutalas.
Vagia is one of the most popular beaches on the island due to its convenient location and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Pure, wild and barren it has won several awards for its beauty and crystal clear waters.
Recently named the first controlled smoking beach in an effort to minimize cigarettes' waste in the beaches.

The waters are crystal clear turquoise blue. You ll find colorful pebbles at the sea bottom.

Moreover the beach of Vagia is included in the list of protected areas of the environmental organization Natura 2000, which monitors the conservation of natural terrain, monitors development and monitors the state of the environment.
A small cantina operates from 10.00 to sunset.
There is also a high end restaurant at the Cocomat hotel.

During September the famous Serifos sunset race takes place in Vagia beach with lots of happenings. more info here: